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World Class Initiative -- The Vision

Imagine ...

An interactive solution that unites wireless technology and powerful Web-based learning tools

... to empower and connect teachers, parents and kids across diverse communities

... with meaningful REAL WORD learning opportunities.

World Class is committed to and focused upon ... creating learning experiences for "kids of all Planet Earth" that engage, prepare and inspire young people to become active learners in projects involving Global Warming and Global Climate Change.

World Class is passionate about creating opportunities for people to understand how human activity in all parts of our world is affecting the Earth's climate and our environment.

World Class opens the door to the many fields of study that are working to create solutions to the challenges Global Warming encompasses... geology, biology, oceanography, meteorology, physics, chemistry, psychology, sociology, history and anthropology.

But... World Class is equally committed to inspiring young people all over Planet Earth to have a better understanding in HOW they can become actively involved in projects and activities that contribute to and initiate positive environmental change.

The World Class Initiative will:

  • Design, develop and produce customized Wireless Web Content Templates that foster connections to the community.
  • Broaden and expand meaningful learning experiences by working with local libraries, museums and arts/culture venues.
  • Foster the growth and development of critical thinking skills supported by contextual learning.

Digital Watershed and its Creative and Development Team propose to develop interactive Wireless Web Content Templates that will:
  • Connect young people with their community and the world-at-large in new and engaging ways.
  • Allow teachers to quickly and effortlessly develop engaging and meaningful curriculum projects and spend less time mastering ever-changing technology.
  • Allow teachers, parents and students to develop and participate in learning experiences that will advance the learning process and the on-going development of critical thinking skills.
  • Empower lifelong learners of all ages to utilize online and interactive experiences that present content in meaningful, engaging ways while addressing multiple learning styles.

Our educational mission is to increase the opportunities for communities, educators, students and parents to actively explore and participate in meaningful wireless interactive learning adventures and at the same time enable these groups to effectively learn from and support the greater global community.

Our Focus upon Global Warming --

Global Warming will be the first topic of exploration employing the Wireless Web Content Templates. Young learners are intensely interested in having a positive influence on the future of the environment. That begins with...


Environmental issues are complex, interrelated and global. Understanding the scientific, economic and social issues of environmental change and global warming is a significant challenge, but only education and understanding about the issues will lead to positive, constructive change.

Communities connected through wireless technology allow young learners to develop and share their projects with their local communities. Acquiring the skills and the ability to collect environmental data, effectively communicate and collaborate with other project learners and connect with mentors and teachers will be facilitated through networked wireless technology.

The collaborative learning experiences designed for World Class will provide students and teachers with immediate feedback and allow everyone to participate and learn from the research projects they develop... and at the same time learn more about the positive impacts research can play in generating innovative, productive social change.

Many international and national experts studying global warming assert that local community-driven actions throughout the world, in combination, will produce the positive solutions that generate positive global changes.

Connecting to Diverse Communities --

This is best achieved through the technology of community wireless networks. Minneapolis is currently overseeing installation of a citywide wireless network and nearby St. Paul is engaged in discussions about creating their own network. One of the key goals that will facilitate and support the positive use of these wireless networks is to effectively bridge the economic and cultural "Digital Divide" of the inner city.

To that end, a Community Benefits Agreement has been identified and established for Minneapolis's network, specifically calling for lowering barriers to access. This directive targets communities of color and immigrant communities through neighborhood training at Community Technology Centers, financial support for community-generated content and subsidized subscriber fees. Other broadband services, whether through cable, ISDN lines or fiber-to-the-home do not offer this outreach to diverse communities.



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